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Myer’s IV Therapy

VitaMind infusion therapy center offers expert formulated Myers IV therapy to treat a variety of medical issues. We provide premium quality infusion drips to treat chronic and acute conditions, such as asthma, fatigue, sinusitis, migraines, muscle spasm, infections, etc. Myers cocktail is infused intravenously into the bloodstream to give you instant relief from minor ailments. Myer IV drips are packed with highly nutritional ingredients to boost your immunity and flush out all the toxins from your body.

The right blend of vitamins and minerals in Myers drips gives you enough power to combat all infections caused by bacterias and viruses. Build a healthy metabolism and strengthen your immune system with our Myer IV drips at the VitaMind IV center in Texas.


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What is Myers Cocktail IV Infusion?

Myer’s infusion therapy was first introduced in the 1960s by Dr. John Myers, who was a physician from Baltimore, Maryland. The Myers infusion formula was successfully used on thousands of patients by physicians.

Until now, many modifications have been made to the original Myers cocktail to enhance its effectiveness to fight off diseases. This therapy was designed to relieve the symptoms of a wide range of medical conditions.

Who should get Myers Cocktail Therapy?

Myers Cocktail therapy is mostly prescribed to patients suffering from chronic fatigue, migraines, infections, and other minor ailments. Patients may need to get a few sessions of Myers therapy to fully recover from infections and diseases. Some patients need to get more sessions than others based on their medical condition and severity of infection.

According to researches, people who are deficient in vitamins, minerals, and other essential components (that their body needs to function effectively) are more likely to get infections and fall sick. Myers therapy eliminates all deficiencies, boosts your immunity, improves metabolism, and helps you prevent infections.

Top Benefits of Myers Cocktail Infusion Therapy

Myers infusion therapy is the best solution to treat infections and rid get of tiredness, but the benefits of this therapy go beyond it. Along with its ability to enhance your immunity and fight off infections, it also proved beneficial to relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies and acute asthma attacks.

Here are the key benefits of getting Myers cocktail infusion therapy:

  • It helps to reduce respiratory issues, such as bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, and sinusitis.
  • Reducing the chronic and acute muscle spasms
  • Preventing congestive heart failure complications
  • Fasten the healing process and recovery for patients suffering from physical injuries.
  • Relief the symptoms of seasonal allergies, hay fever, colds, and flu.
  • Have antidepressant properties to help treat anxiety and depression
  • Help in getting good deep sleep and reduce insomnia
  • Prevent ischemic vascular disease
  • Myers cocktail therapy also used for premenopausal and menopausal women to balance out the hormones and prevent excessive weight gain, and hot flushes.
  • It also delays the aging signs

Ingredients used in Myers Cocktail

  • IV Fluids

    Sterile saline solution is the fundamental ingredient in every IV drip that helps deliver all ingredients of the Myers cocktail to your bloodstream. It promises a 100% absorption rate and rehydrates your body.
  • Vitamin B Complex

    This is a group of eight vital B vitamins essential for promoting healthy hair and skin. It also helps in managing stress and prevents memory loss. Vitamin B complex is the building block of a healthy body and you need it to maintain good health.
    This vitamin also has a direct impact on your brain function and cell metabolism, so having a sufficient amount of this vitamin in your body is significant.
  • Vitamin B12

    It is also known as cobalamin. Vitamin B12 is essential for the formation of red blood cells, bone health, and the prevention of memory loss. It also boosts your energy level and promotes metabolic health.
  • Vitamin C

    The powerful healing properties of vitamin C are significant to strengthen your immune system and flush out all the environmental toxins from your body. A high dose of vitamin C enhances the level of antioxidants in your blood by 30%.
  • Magnesium Chloride

    From supporting immune health to preventing inflammation, magnesium is an essential component in your body. It is a powerful ingredient used to treat allergies, migraines, and blood pressure problems.
  • Calcium Chloride

    Calcium is essential to enhance your bone and teeth health. It helps to build strong bones, and your nerves, heart, and muscles also need calcium to work properly. Calcium, along with vitamin D also helps manage diabetes and high blood pressure.

Get Myers Cocktail Therapy in Texas

Customized Myers cocktail infusion therapies are designed by professionals to treat your unique medical conditions. VitaMind is a well-prescribed IV center in Texas, supervised by IV experts. Our physicians would evaluate your health condition, and view medical history before prescribing any IV treatment. Don’t worry because you are in good hands, all of our IV treatments are safe and approved by IV professionals.

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