IV Hydration

IV Hydration Therapy

You probably have been told many times to stay hydrated. The human body needs water to function properly. Having a sufficient amount of fluids in the body is essential for your health, good for your skin, and it also helps to keep your energy levels high. People involved in intensive physical activities, such as athletes, are more likely to suffer from dehydration which leads to tireless, low energy levels, and permanent fatigue.

If you are dealing with dehydration, simply drinking some water may not help you. Here is when hydration IV therapy comes in. For severe to moderate dehydration cases, your physician may recommend you to get hydration IV therapy. Infusion therapy helps you fight off dehydration by delivering a sufficient amount of fluids to your body instantly with a high absorption rate. In this article, you will get to know about hydration IV treatments, their effectiveness, and precautions.


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What is IV Hydration Therapy?

It is a simple infusion treatment that delivers essential fluids to your body with an IV inserted into your arm. This fluid may contain vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, medication, and antioxidants in your bloodstream. Dehydration therapy replenishes body fluids that you will not get by drinking fluids.

You may have heard about hydration treatment for the first time but this idea is not new at all. For years, many healthcare providers have been using this treatment for various purposes. It is considered a safe, reliable, and effective treatment to treat dehydration along with many other health-related issues.

Expert infusion experts customize the treatment based on the unique needs of clients. The hydration therapy formula may vary based on several factors, such as your age, medical history, health condition, the severity of dehydration, etc.

What diseases can it treat?

Dehydration is not just a deficiency of water, as we know it. It can lead to many other health-related issues, such as hormonal and metabolic disorders. Here are a few diseases IV hydration therapy can treat.

  • Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal condition that causes intense pain and muscle soreness throughout your body. People suffering from Fibromyalgia may experience consistent pain on a daily basis. IV hydration therapy proved very effective to manage the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. According to research conducted by Alexian Brothers Hospital Network in Elk Grove Village, IV therapy decreased the pain by 60% and fatigue by 80% in patients and increased their energy levels and activity.
  • Allergies

    Hydration therapy has been used by doctors to treat the symptoms of allergies. IV treatment not just reduces the severity of symptoms but also provides you instant relief. Infusion treatments can also be used to inject the allergy medication (antihistamines and decongestants) directly into the bloodstream of the patient that helps reduce inflammation. Hydration therapy packed with antioxidants and other nutrients help to flush out the allergens and improve your health.
  • Fatigue

    Our body needs a sufficient amount of fluids along with other essential nutrients to function. Dehydration not just decreases your energy, but also makes you feel tired and fatigued constantly. IV therapy helps you combat fatigue by infusing nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes into your body.
  • Depression

    It may surprise you but dehydration can contribute to depression because it obstructs the serotonin production in your brain. If dehydration is the cause of your depression, getting the infusion fluids to supply your body with all essential vitamins, antioxidants, fluids, and minerals to reduce depression symptoms and enhance your mood.

How long does it take for an IV to hydrate you?

Hydration therapy is the fastest method to treat dehydration than oral hydration medications or drinking water. Of course, you don't have to wait longer because IV fluids start doing their job in minutes and you would feel hydrated immediately. Typically, it takes 2-3 hours after getting IV therapy to fully rehydrate. Fluids are directly injected into your bloodstream with a 100% absorption rate, and unlike oral medication, no fluids are lost in the digestive tract.

Hydration IV Therapy Benefits

  • Fast & Effective

    Drinking fluids or taking oral medication takes too long to hydrate because fluids have to go through the digestive tract. On the flip side, hydration IV is directly injected into the veins and absorbed directly into the body. Patients would feel rehydrated within a few hours. It is also more effective than oral treatment because of a 100% absorption rate, which means no fluid is lost during treatment.
  • Easy of your Digestive System

    Drinking excessive water or other fluids may disturb your digestive system. Your gastrointestinal tract can’t process volumes of fluids at a time that result in irritation in your stomach. As a result, all the excess fluids you are drinking go wasted, and your digestive system flushes it out of your body. Moreover, if you are taking other oral supplements with fluids, it may irritate your stomach.
    Hydration IV therapy is the best way to hydrate your body without disturbing the digestive system. The best thing is, none of the fluids and nutrients will be wasted in the infusion therapy.
  • More than just Fluids

    People who do heavy workouts and athletic training loss more than just fluids. Drinking water is not enough. You have to restore all the lost nutrients, electrolytes, and minerals from your body. Hydration therapy not just treats water deficiency, but also infuses the essential nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes that your body needs. So, it rehydrates your body and replenishes the lost nutrients and vitamins immediately.
  • Customized to your Body Needs

    All hydration therapies are designed to meet the unique needs of your body. Infusion experts customize every infusion therapy based on the specific needs of clients. For example, some hydration therapies are focused on skincare and others are designed for athletic recovery. Depending on your health, medical history, and other body needs, IV healthcare professionals design a completely customized powerful combination of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes for you.
  • Improve your Skin

    As we know that hydration is the best solution to most of our skin problems. Hydration IV therapy helps treat dry skin, spots, acne, and other skin allergies. Many celebrities have started using IV therapies packed with vitamins to enhance their beauty from the inside out. Hydration treatment really improves your skin quality and makes it look more fresh and radiant.
  • Improve Cognitive Function

    Just like other parts of your body, staying hydrated is also important for your brain functions. Feeling low and brain slow down is one of the early signs of dehydration. It affects your memory, ability to focus, and process information. Hydration therapies help improve your cognitive functions and you will be able to make better decisions.
  • Other Benefits

    There are many other benefits IV therapies offers, such as:
    • Hangover cure
    • Strengthen immune system
    • Recover tissue damage
    • Treat COVID-19
    • Anti nausea


IV therapy is a safe and reliable treatment but still, there are some precautions you should take before getting the infusion.

  • Make sure you are getting the infusion therapy from a reputable and responsible infusion center.
  • Tell your IV physician about your previous medical history and existing medical conditions, so they design your IV bag accordingly.
  • If you feel any irritation or disturbance during the infusion therapy, call the staff immediately.
  • Sometimes IV therapy causes minor infections and other complications, make sure your IV doctors are aware of reactions or allergies.
  • Follow the guidelines of your physicians and ask questions if you have doubts.

Drugs/nutrients used in IV Fluids

The drugs and other ingredients used in infusion therapy vary depending on patients’ condition and their unique body needs. Typically, an IV hydration drip may contain ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, antioxidants, electrolytes, saline solution, anti inflammatory medication, etc. Some hydration drips may contain glutathione, amino acids, or magnesium. All of these ingredients are perfectly mixed to design custom IV therapy for better health and wellness.

Why is it a better option than drinking fluids?

High absorption rate; fast recovery time; and zero wastage of fluids make hydration IV therapy the best option. This therapy not just delivers fluids to your body but also provides vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Unlike supplements and drinking fluids, it would not disturb your stomach. All in all, it can be said that hydration IV therapy comes with a lot of benefits, and it has proved the best option for treating dehydration so far because of its effectiveness and quick results.

Hydration IV Therapy in El Paso

Vitamind is a reliable infusion center in EL Paso, Texas. It has made a good reputation in the market in such a short period. The professional staff and comfortable clinical setting make them the most preferred IV therapy center in the town. Their well-trained nurses are friendly and always available to answer your questions. They offer a wide range of hydration therapy options for healthy skin, fight fatigue, treat muscle aches, fast athletic recovery, sickness, etc.

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IV Hydration Therapy

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